I am not Charlie.

The staff of Charlie Hebdo were kind of asking for it. Not that they should have been killed, but they were killed due to their repeated instigation against the Islamic fundamentalist community. While I will support free speech to my last breath, I have no desire to lump myself in with people who make a living deliberately insulting other people’s religious views. I choose to identify with a group that’s fighting for a greater purpose.

Like two thousand people just trying to put food on their tables. That’s how many were killed in the Baga area in Nigeria during the same week as what is, comparatively, a child’s temper tantrum in Paris. Haven’t heard of Baga or the terrifying number of people who were killed there? You should have. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn just how broken our world is. The sheer scale of this crime sickens me to my core.

I’m not even talking about the crime committed by the terrorist group Boko Haram. I’m talking about the crime in progress by our news media. Two thousand dead and these bastards sweep it under the rug because apparently a handful of assholes, with enough going for them that they decided that the best use of their time was to insult people professionally, being killed by three terrorists was a more compelling story than what is likely the biggest attack since we kicked off this whole ‘War on Terror’ thing (I may be wrong and simply missed some other story in the last 14 years) perpetrated by what may be the largest and most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.

Why isn’t anyone talking about Nigeria? Is it the fact that the children lying dead in the street are black? The fact that none of the buildings burned to the ground were owned by white people? Why do we not care when these things happen to those people.

It’s not just that they’re black. We care when black Americans are killed. At least sometimes. If they’re unarmed. And really young. But when it comes to Africa, we pay no attention. I was pissed when I saw the story. It raised my blood pressure enough that I had to immediately start writing this post just to keep from exploding in a ball of rage. I assume many other people, the audience of our mainstream news, will also be pissed to learn about it. That’ll get you some views. So why doesn’t the media run this story?

That question is what really pisses me off. Not the answer to it, because I don’t know the answer, but simply the fact that the question can be asked. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and all the others. You people have one job. Report the news. Sure, a big part of your job is to editorialize based on what you think your viewers want to hear, but reporting comes first. I understand that a lot of stories will fall through the cracks. A pretty high school valedictorian gets killed by a drunk driver in Duluth? I don’t need to hear about that story. But two thousand dead in a massive terrorist operation. How do you not think that’s cause for a headline?

If I were a big enough asshole to demand someone’s job because their performance offended me, I’d be calling for the jobs of every single person in the media who decided not to run this story. None of you bastards are worthy of the first amendment that you claim to be supporting with your ‘je suis Charlie’ twitter campaign. You people sicken me. And you should sicken yourselves.

I’m writing this on January 13, which is a Tuesday (the day I finally saw a story about what happened), and I’ve set a rule for myself that these blog posts go out on Monday morning. This means it’ll be another six days before anyone reads this. I considered breaking that rule at this point just so I could share the outrage of these two thousand deaths, but fuck ‘em.

That’s Africa.

Those people can wait.

And to everyone in the news media with daily broadcasts and millions of viewers who are making the same decision?

Fuck you, too.

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